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I don't subscribe to magazines that tell me what my relationship should look like or what my ideal match should be. God's Word has shown me what a friendship, relationship and marriage should look like; the type of woman I should be; and the type of man God has for me. He is my guide. If He is yours too, then I invite you to read on:

I am an energetic, outgoing, passionate, social butterfly type. I've been told that I'm fun to be around (once or twice). I don't always see things in black and white but I am definitely an "all-or-nothing," "0-60/80/100" kinda gal. I am a sports junkie (more spectator than participant, nowadays) and I'm highly committed to my favorite teams. You won't find me planted in front of the tube on every game day, but it's something I enjoy doing with friends. Whether it's NHL, NFL, MLB or even UFC fights (sorry, guys... no Nascar for this gal). I'm a big fan of game-day parties and tailgating!!

I enjoy all things photography (from taking photos to editing them). I love being outdoors and enjoy nature (just not the bugs). I love all dogs big and small, but mostly the big ones. Kittens are adorable and cats can be cute but I am severely allergic. I am not a big reader but when I find an author or book that piques my interest, I tend to get lost in them. For me, reading is an acquired taste, and like red wine, I like discovering what my tastes are and learning to love the written word. It's actually how I approach many things that are new to me. For being a not-so-avid reader, however, I have a passion for writing. I love to sing. Music and movies are my guilty pleasures. I am a laugher, a smiler and a hugger. I have never met a stranger. I feel deeply and love even deeper. I have many loves and passions, but none are more precious than my relationships. God has blessed me with many wonderful, amazing, beautiful and tender relationships. Especially the relationships I have with my beautiful son, Abba, Jesus my King, and the Holy Spirit!! I love the Lord with all my heart and strive, each day, to live like Him... I am a work in progress! If you would like to know more... just ask! ;) 

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